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Our program is mainly based on natural service. Therefore we can have a higher percentage of ½ siblings to offer to our customers. We work effortlessly to put together a battery of bulls that are similar in pattern. By doing this we have a uniform set of offspring each fall and spring. We sell Charolais, Red Angus and through our two breed program, Gold F1 bulls.


When born they are vaccinated with Calf Guard, Clostrishield 7, Vital E,

B-Complex plus a probiotic for a good start. ALL calves are weighed and tagged at birth. Early summer they receive Vira-Shield 6, vision 7 and are poured for external and internal parasites. Pre-weaning they receive preconditioning shots for IBR, BVR, BRSV, PI3, pasterella, and 7-way. Upon weaning a second set of shots plus boosters are administered plus poured for parasites.


The bulls we sell are developed on a high roughage ration. This allows natural growth and does not encourage excessive hoof growth or hinder fertility. We sell exclusively by private treaty. This allows our customers to interact with the bulls in their natural environment. This no frill setting relieves the pressures of an actual sale. The bulls are priced according to total merit.

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